Habanero Red Savina 


We are talking about the Guinness World Record with 577,000 SHU, which has now been surpassed by others like the current title holder. This chili is part of the Capsicum Chinese family and is widely spread in Central and South America because it is native to Cuba. It is part of the famous Habanero species, which is made up of many varieties found in our encyclopedia!


The term "Savina" is a proper name and is reminiscent of the mother of Garcia Frank, the one who first unknowingly cultivated this type of pepper in his fields and who forty years ago noticed it in the middle of a plantation of the orange type.

The fruit

As we can deduce from the name, the color is red and the fruit is ripe after a long phase of flowering and therefore it will be possible to catch it only at the end of the season. The length of the fruit reaches 7 cm, while the width does not exceed 4 cm. On the contrary, the plant grows up to almost touch the 90 cm. 

The fruit is loved in the kitchen for its extreme spiciness and for this reason we advise the less experienced to taste it with caution. In general it is very fruity and very spicy, for this reason it is used as an ingredient of the spicy sauce that is frequently used to accompany beef and chicken burgers.


This plant can be grown both in pot and in soil, but remember to use a good soil if you follow the first option. Always remember to constantly expose the plant to sunlight because the higher the sun exposure, the higher the final yield. 

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