Pepper spray: what is it?

Pepper spray is for self-defense and is 100% legal. 

It is pointed directly at the face of the person and has an itching effect. 

Those who receive a spray of this substance on the eyes immediately experience a sense of burning, pain and can not keep them open. The effect lasts at least twenty minutes and causes very strong irritation to the nose and mouth. 

What is contained within the spray is a very spicy substance that does not cause long-term damage and that usually does not contain chemical agents.

How do you use pepper spray?

It is a simple vacuum container with a safety device that must be removed before use. To spray it just press the appropriate button. Read the instructions before use in order to be sure you know what to do in case of use. We recommend to use the pepper spray only in situations of actual threat to your personal safety.

Precautions and proper use

To use the spray you must remove the safety and then press on the buttons to spray the spicy liquid in your face and defend yourself in case of aggression by an attacker. 

Remember to leave immediately after using the spray so that you are not hit by the stinging gas. 

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Pepper spray for person defense is highly prohibited for boys under the age of sixteen.