Hot Lemon Drop

Here is the lemon yellow chili that gives a touch of energy to your garden. In addition, it is not only named for its color, but also for its incredibly lemonade aftertaste! 

History and curiosities about Hot Lemon Drop

They call him by a strange name and his origins are South American, precisely Peruvian, we present Kelluuchu! The family it comes from is Aji’s. 

On the Scoville Hot Lemon Drop scale is found among the less spicy chillies with a gradation of 30,000 SHU. It is often used to cook: season salads, often accompanies fish, which in Peru certainly does not miss and turns any dish into a lively and exotic dish. 

We are talking about a very nice chili to see for its bright yellow that penetrates the pupils. The fruit does not exceed the 6 cm of length and the 3 cm of width.


Hot Lemon Drop is a plant that develops vertically and reaches up to 1 m. Its diameter instead touches the 50/70 cm. 

It is a very productive plant, we speak of about fifty fruits produced per cycle and if well cultivated, it could give you two cycles of flowering. 

We advise you to use a very good soil, rich in nutrients and abundant because the plant needs to expand its roots in an environment conducive to its development. Keep in mind what just said even if you grow the plant in pot, in this case the plant will grow a little less, but if you expose it to the right hours of sun will give you many peppers.


Try Hot Lemon Drop in your dishes because it gives an exotic, strong, flamboyant note! If you want to prepare a nice fish in the oven, in a pan or stew, do not forget to add a pinch of this chili pepper! You’re gonna blow everyone’s mind. 

A very important tip for beginners who want to get ready to grow a plant of chili: how to grow chili, is the guide for you! We will explain how to grow your plant at its best and get the best result.

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