How to harvest and store the seeds of chilli peppers

The chillies are harvested when they reach maturity and you can eat fresh, dry or make spicy oil and so on. In addition, the seeds of the fruits can be stored and planted the following season. Take the ripe fruit and pick it up, not before the full ripeness because the seeds are sterile. Then you will need:

  • a cutting board (the classic one for bread), 
  • a pointed knife,
  • a pair of gloves. 

How do you collect seeds?

First of all, take the chilli and cut it in half from the ends. The cut should be clean on one side. Then, open the pepper and take the seeds together and the placenta (the white and spongy part that binds the seeds to the skin of the fruit).



We advise you not to separate seeds and placenta because this will increase seed fertility! In fact, these continue to ripen attached to the placenta and when this dries it releases the essential oil of Capsaicin which serves to protect the seeds.

How do you store seeds?

If you have to deal with a little fleshy seeds you have to put them in a container in the middle of sheets of paper towels. Put everything in a dry and warm place for a few days. 

Then, touch the seeds with your fingers and you will find that they will easily detach from the placenta. Now you can store them in a cool, dry and dry place. The classic cardboard box with rice is an excellent container. We do not recommend plastic bags because you risk the formation of mold on the seeds.

Your seeds will last about three years!

The placenta can be used as a spicy dressing, because inside it is found Capsaicin, which gives the spiciness to chili.