Trinidad Moruga Scorpion 


  1. Trinidad Moruga Scorpion
  2. What to pay attention to 
  3. 2012 - wins the World Record for the hottest chili pepper in the world
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Let’s talk about the Trinidad Moruga Scorpion... 

What can I say, besides that we are talking about one of the hottest peppers on earth, we can underline that objectively it is not very big as fruit and its name comes from the characteristic scorpion tail base. In any case, do not be fooled by its size because it is an explosive concentrate from 1.200.000-2.000.231 SHU. Aphrodisiac, flaming red, spicy and native to Moruga, a region of Trinidad. 

Speaking of taste and...

Everyone loves Trinidad Moruga Scorpion, cooked or fresh. Sweet, fruity, aromatic, it will burn and make you feel the pains of hell! It is used for the most diverse recipes, in all ways (dry, fresh, in sauce) because it is extremely versatile.


To avoid all those unpleasant inconveniences that result from a lack of attention, we advise you to:

  • wear gloves! (in nitrile)
  • wash everything you use 
  • Don’t let the kids near Trinidad Moruga Scorpion
  • Don’t touch your eyes or private areas 
  • if you try it and feel that it is too spicy for you: milk, bread crumbs, yogurt

To grow Trinidad Moruga Scorpion, we suggest you:

  • buy seeds available on our website
  • plant them in January or February
  • for the first two months, leave it in a warm place, like at home
  • choose a very sunny place
  • the soil must be moist
  • the desired temperature is >20
  • 120 days is the duration of the full cycle (very long)


For a whole year, it held the world record for the hottest chili pepper in the world.To be elected winner has been tested by Capsaicin experts from New Mexico! Its capsicum juice is so strong that it irritated the hands of researchers during studies (because they used latex, while we suggest those in nitrile). 

The first chili in the world today is the Carolina Reaper (with 2,200,000 SHU), elected in 2013 is still unsurpassed!


Which Trinidad Moruga Scorpion product do you really desire?

  • Trinidad Moruga Scorpion fesco
  • Trinidad Moruga Scorpion dry
  • Trinidad Moruga Scorpion in powder
  • Seeds of Trinidad Moruga Scorpion
  • Trinidad Moruga Scorpion Oil
  • Plant of Trinidad Moruga Scorpion


The fruit is unusual because it has an atypical shape.

The plant is wonderful, its capacity is high and produces excellent results if: exposed to the sun, well fed (water and soil fertilized).

The flavor is very similar to a Habanero, but much more spicy!


About 3 years ago I picked the Trinidad Moruga Scorpion. The map belonged to a dear friend of mine. I took care to dry it. At the end I handed a small piece to my father, telling him if he wanted to taste the most extreme chili on the face of the earth. He put it in his mouth. After a few seconds, he was already on the tap and drinking like a camel. " Son, it’s been a hell of an experience, and now I can see why it’s the world’s hottest chili!"

Absolutely avoid touching your eyes, nose and sensitive areas of the body after handling such a thing.