How to freeze chili peppers

To conveniently store the foods we don’t want to cook right away, we can simply freeze them!

Chili can also be stored in this way. For this reason we will now explain how to do it.


  1. Ingredients
  2. Preparation
  3. Advantages
  4. Disadvantages
  5. Video


  1. fresh chili peppers
  2. food freezing bags
  3. scissors
  4. latex gloves (nitrile)


  • Wash the chillies with gloves
  • store them in bags
  • put them in the freezer 

This process is simple and very convenient. The reason is this: if we want to use a part of the chili, we can take it from the freezer, take it out of the bag, cut it and then put it back in the freezer! So they stay fresh and flavored like when you picked them up.


You can leave them in the freezer for a whole year.

The preparation is really easy.

In this way we save freshness and flavor.


The consistency may change because the water present in the chilli is frozen and when it is thawed it may not be as consistent as the fresh fruit. Although the flavor remains unchanged.