Scoville scale

The creator of the famous Scoville scale is Wilbur Lincoln Scoville, an American chemist who thought to measure the spiciness inside the single chili. The SHU (Scoville Heat Units) is used to indicate capsaicin

The chili extract was diluted with water and sugar to verify its Scoville gradation. The more diluted the substance obtained, the hotter the chilli. At least 5 people have to taste the product and the goal is to find the zero point.

With the advancement of technology, new and more sophisticated means were born, HPLC (High performance liquid chromatography) measures capsaicin with very sophisticated and precise methods.

Scoville scale

Scoville gradation

Type of chili pepper 

15.000.000 - 16.000.000

Dihydrocapsaicin, pure Capsaicin

8.800.000 - 9.100.000


6.000.000 - 8.600.000

Homodihydrocapsaicin, Homocapsaicin

2.500.000 - 5.300.000

Pepper spray of the police 

2.000.000 - 2.200.000

Carolina Reaper (Hybrid)

1.067.286 - 2.000.231

Trinidad Moruga Scorpion, Trinidad Scorpion Butch Taylor, Naga Viper, Infinity Chili, Commonly-used pepper spray

855.000 - 1.041.427

Naga Morich, Naga Dorset, Seven Pod

876.000 - 970.000

Bhut Jolokia (also known as Ghost Chili, Ghost Pepper) (Ibrido)

350.000 - 855.000

Habanero Red Savina, Indian Tezpur

100.000 - 350.000

Habanero, Jamaican Hot, Bird's Eye (also known as "Piripiri", "Pilipili", "African Devil")

50.000 - 100.000

Scotch Bonnet, Santaka, Chiltecpin, Rocoto, Thai Pepper (also known as Thai Dragon),

30.000 - 50.000

Ají, Cayenna, Tabasco, Piquin, Hot Lemon Drop

15.000 - 30.000

Chile de Arbol, Calabrese, Manzano

5.000 - 15.000

Peter Pepper, Serrano, Jalapeno

2.500 - 5.000

Mirasol, Chipotle, Poblano

1.500 - 2.500

Sandia, Cascabel, NuMex Big Jim, NuMex Suave

1.000 - 1.500

Ancho, Anaheim, Pasilla Bajio, Española

100 - 1.000

Mexican Bell, Cherry, New Mexico Pepper, Pepper, Paprika

0 - 100

Sweet Bell Pepper, Pimento (Pimenta dioica), sweet Paprika

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