How to store chili peppers

Remember that the peppers detached from the plant last a short time. So depending on what you want to do with it and what you like best, you can keep it in different ways.



If you love the taste of the chilli just detached from the plant, but you do not know how to keep the freshness, then you must absolutely keep the chilli in this way.

Take the chillies and put them in the freezer! Remember to take them out at least 1 hour before eating or cooking them.

We do not advise you to thaw them under water, it may change the consistency! Leave everything to its time. 

In oil 

Oil is an infallible and tasty method to store chili. The oil has pros and cons, it is difficult to ruin and its duration is very high, the only element against this method is the loss of freshness elements, such as fruity aromas typical of freshly picked chili. 

Spicy sauces 

Your imagination is the necessary tool for this method of conservation. There are several ways to eat spicy sauces, on bruschetta, in first and second courses... practically wherever you want to put them! Attention: also in this case you will lose the typical aromatic qualities of fresh chillies. Make small jars and keep them in a dry place, like pantries, while you open the jar you have to store in the refrigerator. 


One of the best ways to preserve chili is this. The reason is that moisture is removed from the chillies and they are kept for years without any mold or other bacteria. The dry chili has a particular taste and not everyone can like it.

Do you want to know how to dry chillies? Update yourself following the guide: How to dry chillies


The dried chili can be ground as much as you like to make it an extremely spicy powder. This method is recommended to do it outside and equipped with glasses and mask! If you store the powder in airtight containers, you can store the chili pepper for over 3 years.

We are curious! If you know innovative cultivation methods, write your own! We are completely open to new things and curiosities, so we are always happy to learn. We would also like to include your storage method in the guide with your name or nickname! 


Take a look at this video created by the great Alberto, who dried the chili with the electric dryer method

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