Carolina Reaper 

Carolina Reaper takes its name from the place where he was born, South Carolina and literally means "reaper of Carolina". 

It is a hybrid, created in the laboratory through the merger of Naga Morich Pakistani and Habanero Red. 

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It was created by the Puckerbutt Pepper Company owned by Ed Currie. Like all peppers extremely spicy was created in the laboratory thanks to the crossing of two varieties also with very high capsaicin values. The story is funny because the creation of the Carolina Reaper happened thanks to the pollination of the two plants that we said before, But the beauty of it is, Ed didn’t know what was gonna come out of it either, and he certainly wouldn’t have guessed he’d created the world’s hottest chili pepper.

Guinness World Records

To win the record a chili must be tested in the laboratory. Thus the Carolina Reaper was studied by sinking until scholars at Winthrop University came to the conclusion that the average value of capsaicin contained in a single fruit was 2,000,000 SHU. 

Since its discovery in 2011 it has taken three years, but in 2014 it is the Carolina Reaper has earned the podium of the world’s hottest chili.

Color, shape e dimension

The fruits produced by the plant are of medium size, that is from six to eight centimeters. 

The ripening time is average, that is ninety days.

The color is bright red and the shape is rather round with a small devilish tail at the base. 

The taste is fruity, so after having tried and suffered the pains of hell, you will remain with in your mouth a cinnamon flavor, very sweet and even hints of chocolate. Not bad, is it?

Carolina Reaper Yellow

Since 2016 was born this beautiful variant of yellow color, the capsaicin value is the same.

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The most important part of the cultivation is the sowing. You have to buy quality seeds and for this you can choose our products! 

There are several germination techniques, but we recommend the scottex method. First of all, make sure that the temperature does not drop below 25 years. and do not be afraid if the seeds do not grow immediately because you will have to wait about ten days before seeing the ridiculous white buds sprout. 

Then, wash the seeds with chamomile before putting them in your germination box, because this way you will eliminate the bacteria and prevent the formation of molds (which are not the white hairs you will see on the buds, those are roots, which will go away watering the plant).

In any case, if you have any doubts or you are new, we have created a guide specifically for cultivation that you can find by clicking here: how to grow chili.

In addition, we suggest you think about the type of cultivation that best suits you: indoor cultivation or outdoor cultivation?


First of all the plant needs sun, your best ally along with water. Remember that whether it’s artificial light or sunlight, the plant needs to be exposed at least eight hours a day to grow strong and healthy. 

As for water: water when you see that the soil is dry, avoid to stagnate the water, pay attention to the color of the leaves (if it turns yellow it means that you are giving too much water). 

The third and last ally, is the organic fertilizer (bio). If used together with a good soil will make the plant strong and very productive. There are different types of fertilizers (see our guide: natural fertilizers and fertilizers).

Tip: Some people germinate the pepper seeds thanks to the color of the internet modem, that is, they place the glasses filled with wet absorbent paper and the seeds on the modem that releases heat and promotes the growth of the buds.


The Carolina Reaper blooms from May to September. 

You can start sowing as early as January, but only in the greenhouse. So if you want to germinate them normally, you can do it from March when the temperatures are already warmer. 

When the flowers are wrapped, they detach from the plant, but it is absolutely not a problem, the plant is not sick, it is simply selecting the flowers it wants to feed and turn into fruits and those that are no longer needed.


After ninety days your plants will have borne fruit, they will be ready to be harvested!

To make sure that your plants have given maximum nutrients to chillies, we suggest that you stop watering them a few days before the start of the harvest.

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How to handle the Carolina Reaper 

It’s the hottest thing in the world, so it seems obvious to us to take precautions before we touch it. You need to get some nitrile gloves and a mask to protect your eyes. Do not touch the sensitive areas of the body and be careful: before eating taste it a little!

Experiences and tips 

On the plant itself we give you two tips:

  1. the soil to promote complete development must be rich in nutrients (especially nitrogen) 
  2. the sun is your ally, expose it as much as possible even beyond the recommended eight hours

The fruits do not always have the devil’s tail like the Trinidad Moruga scorpion, but surely its peculiarity is the very protruding shape. 

Speaking of practical experiences we quote two anecdotes:

  • It took me 15 minutes to get rid of the explosion inside my mouth and I ate just a little bit of it! Imagine what happens when you eat a whole one. Be careful.
  • I’m making oil, salt and Carolina Reaper croutons for my unlucky friends I’m sharing a great barbecue night with. I warned them, but they didn’t realize I was serious. After a few seconds they all got up from the table and started running, walking and jumping around the garden. It was quite a show, I must admit. They also wanted to try the second course, I was amazed by how some complimented the quality of the Carolina Reaper that I had grown with my hands.Video


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