How to prepare chili pepper honey?


As we know, honey is an extremely sweet food that is used in the kitchen to sweeten foods, to give a touch of sweetness to salty foods too! 

It is used in many ways and there are many different tastes depending on the flowers that the bees have gone to pollinate. Given its characteristics, it goes well with the spicy chili pepper for this we recommend you to prepare this recipe!


  1. 100 ml honey (acacia)
  2. 1/2 teaspoon chili powder


  1. You take a certain amount of honey and place it in a bowl (I recommend liquid honey and not crystallized)
  2. sprinkles with spicy powder and mixes the whole
  3. everything is stored in a jar


You can decide the hotness of the honey based on the powder you put in it.

Obviously the taste will be different according to the combinations honey-chili.

You can combine this tasty recipe with many foods, including cheese. Yum!