Not far from the capital, in an oasis of peace and nature, Royal Chili agricultural holding is located, rightly known by many as the home of spicy

All of our products have born from the passion for spicy, grown under the Italian sun, lulled by the Mediterranean winds, a guarantee of uniqueness in the world, by using natural techniques to safeguard as much as possible the environment and the insects that surround our smallholding. In each of our products you will discover all of the Italian excellence: unique flavors, aromas and a spiciness unique in the word. 

Leafing through the catalog you will find all our spicy delicacies, authentic flavors, unique in the world, while if you are interested in having general information, including how to grow chili peppers, you can consult the useful info section. 

You will find many guides, recipes, the chili pepper encyclopedia, curiosities, events and everything related to this fantastic spicy world. A real culinary gem for real lovers and for those who work in catering. 

We boast one of the most complete seed bank: you can choose and buy with a click among many chili pepper varieties.

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In a few days you will receive at home our spicy excellences. 

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