How to prune chili pepper

The pruning of chili is done for different reasons. 

This practice has its positive aspects: it increases production and serves to avoid infestations. Also, it can be done both when the plant is in the ground and in the pot. 

The tools for pruning are the scissors, with which different cuts are made that increase the winter production and the spring blooming. 

The first pruning is done in spring in order to remove the parts of the plant that delay the growth, in particular the parts (under the first node) that form a Y and the points of the main branches. After a few days, new leaves will rise and you will have done a great job.

The cleaning pruning, on the contrary, has the aim of eliminating the dry or little developed branches, in areas where there isn't the sun light therefore, while growing, would slow down the other more developed branches. If we clean the plant the saved parts will grow more and will fill with chillies. This practice should be done at the end of the winter rest, in the middle of the spring season and during the cycle of vegetation and flowering. You will immediately see how the collection of chillies will become easier and prosperous!

The resumption pruning is recommended during the period of resumption of the vital cycle, the aim is to remove branches that do not produce fruits or are not considered useful for our harvest. This latter type of practice may be drastic for some types of plants, but it is still very useful for increasing the growth of the plant. 

In all cases, the cuts must be clean and a couple of centimeters away from the stem. Before performing any type of operation, take your scissors and disinfect them with a cloth and alcohol so as to prevent infections of the plant.

The cuts serve the plant to develop new branches and strengthen the growth, so do not be afraid to cut the branches that have dried up because of the winter frost! 

We advise you to avoid sprinkling and wait two or three days. Also, treat the plant with copper to complete the purification of cuts.