Peter Pepper

Peter Pepper has a very peculiar shape that resembles a phallus. 


It is a not very spicy chili, in fact it adapts to everyone because its spiciness remains average. Using it means giving a light note of spiciness to your dishes, without drastically upsetting the flavor. Remember the sweet taste of peppers and for those who want, we recommend to taste it raw because it is not too spicy and to taste the aromatic note.


The plant of Peter Pepper is full of leaves and branches, ideal to be placed on your balconies in the summer sun. During the flowering you will have candid white flowers. Then they will develop red fruits that stand out on the medium-sized plant (60cm high and 30/40cm wide) and thick branches and tender leaves, which create a great authentic decorative effect.


The phallus shape is the distinctive feature of this chili. The skin alternates from smooth to rough. The length of this chili does not exceed 6 cm. 

When ripe it becomes red, but during the growth path is green. Peter Pepper is very good fresh, detached and eaten. If you want to keep it, we suggest you to visit our special guide: how to store chili.


The germination of the seeds is done in March, always in an environment with at least 20 degrees. We recommend the best germination method, safe and fast: the scottex method. 

We put the seeds in a pot after the buds have sprouted (always with the rootlet towards the ground and in holes not deeper than 0,5 cm). Remember to always water the buds so as to make it easier to get out of the ground In this way the plant will feed on what it needs to grow in height and develop leaves. So put the seedling under the sun all day. 

We have to wait until the plant is already 15/20 cm tall to store it outside the house/ greenhouse in which we have germinated. If you want to change pot and put it in a larger one, be very careful not to damage the roots through bumps or other. To avoid any inconvenience, always take some soil together with the seedling, so that you hardly notice being moved! 

One advice we give you is to think carefully about the care of the roots and the nourishment of the plant, buy the best soil, with all the nutrients that the plant needs to grow in shape and do not forget to use an organic fertilizer to fuel growth and even spiciness!

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