Chili peppers in oil: recipe


  1. Ingredients
  2. Preparation 
  3. Seeds
  4. In the jar

Chili in oil is a must have for all lovers of spicy!

And for this simple reason we want to explain to you how to get them. 

As we know, we can store so many foods in oil, which takes the taste of what is immersed in us. In our case, not only will we keep the chillies, but we will also have some very good spicy oil to use to dress every dish. 

Remember: you must remove the water from the chilli pepper and dehydrate it with salt to prevent the onset of mold.


  1. 50 grams of salt
  2. 100 grams of fresh chili peppers (I preferred Hanabero Chocolate but feel free to choose the variety that you like, as we know tastes are indisputable)
  3. 500 ml of olive oil (Excellent quality, preferably homemade


As we said, you have to remove any trace of water from the chilli pepper with salt. In this way you prevent mold. The procedure is as follows: you cut the chillies to taste and you put on paper that absorbs water like scottex and then sprinkle with salt. 

After an internal day you have to turn and leave so for another day. In short, this operation takes place for three days. The salt must be generously distributed on the peppers throughout the space so that these can contribute to normal dehydration.


Seeds can be left in the fruit if we like them. In any case, we remind you that the seeds are attached to the placenta of chili, which is the spiciest part because it is richer in Capsaicin.

In the jar

The jar must be filled with oil, which must completely cover the chillies. 

DO NOT LEAVE THEM ON THE OIL otherwise they may contract some mold.

It is advisable to rest for two weeks. Then you can remove the oil and put it in another container, or keep it with the peppers inside. The choice is always yours. 

You can try it on many dishes.. from pasta to meat, pizza and bread...

Enjoy your meal!