How to grow chili in winter

We suggest two modus operandi:

  1. greenhouse cultivation
  2. indoor cultivation

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How to bring the pepper plant to bloom?

If your goal is to make your plant produce fruits during the winter, then you will need to get a fluorescent light bulb (6500k). 

How does a light bulb work? look at the comments of a customer by clicking here: grow hot pepper indoor

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  • Greenhouses and Germbox
  • Lighting
  • Soil and substrates
  • Pots and saucers
  • Accessories

For lovers of DIY (DO-IT-YOURSELF) and chili peppers, here are some solutions ad hoc:

If you have a closet that you do not use, this will be perfect to become your box, where you can put plants and lamps. This is because the lamp keeps the temperature suitable for growth only if it is in an environment that retains heat, just like your closet! So the plants will get the exact amount of light they need to grow. 

In any case, the temperature must not fall below 15 º C and not even rise above 30 º C. Make holes or leave the closet half open to change the air. If you have a fan at your disposal it is time to use it to prevent it from worsening the situation.

If you are really curious to make a DIY greenhouse: How to self-build a greenhouse for chili and vegetables

Watch the video of the time lapse of a hot pepper plant grown indoors:

If you do not feed the peppers, the leaves will yellow, be careful!