How to make hot pepper cream?

Chili cream is a creative and spicy idea for your dishes!
You can use it with nachos, bread, crostini, etc. for an aperitif with friends. Or, you can propose it as a combination for meat during a Mexican dinner.. In short, with this sauce you can satisfy just everyone. 

Unlike oil, the pepper cream remains more flavored. 


  1. fresh chili peppers, 250gr per jar
  2. oil
  3. salt
  4. garlic


  • remove the stem
  • Blend the peppers, but not too much. Must remain in pieces
  • school for 12 hours
  • Blend again with salt, garlic (1 clove) and oil
  • boil cans for sterilization 
  • put the sauce 
  • cover with oil to the brim (otherwise the mold may arise!)

You can also put the sauce in the jar first! And then boil the jar. 

In this way the product remains up to two years. 

If you open your jar of sauce, please, put it in the fridge. 

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