When to harvest chili?

There are details that we need to pay attention to when to pick the pepper. We can observe the plant from the moment we plant it, then from the germination of the seed and we will notice that many changes occur. The plant grows, develops the first two leaves, then other branches, finally begins to bloom and then the first fruits grow... first they are small and of different color than they will be when we have to pick them. 

Here’s what we need to pay attention to:


The most evident sign is the colouration of our fruit, which spends most of the time very quickly (after a few days) from green to red or from green to orange, etc. depending on the variety we are growing. 

The first chillies to be colored are those at the top of the plant and then slowly as a rain of tempera, our changing plant is gradually tinged to demonstrate that the hard work we have done is paying off!

What does it mean? Color is an alarm bell. Plants are telling us that capsaicin is on the rise!


Obviously tasting our chillies will give us confirmation of the spiciness they have developed growing. If we’re going to feel our mouths inflamed, then we can start harvesting. 

This "taste test" is used in cases where the chilli does not change the color during development and maturation (Pimenta de Nayde).